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NDIS Allied Health

Are you looking for trusted NDIS allied health professionals? At Premium Disability Support Services, we have a team of university qualified practitioners who boast specialised expertise in preventing, diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions and illnesses. Our practitioners work within a multidisciplinary health team to provide excellent support for different patient needs.

Our NDIS allied health providers can deliver therapeutic support to participants and are one of the most respected groups of registered providers. You can trust us to give evidence, assessments and reports that include accurate information and allow for informed planning decisions made by NDIS delegates (planners) under the NDIS Act, ensuring the best service for those who need it most.

Flexible & Responsive

At Premium Disability Support Services, our NDIS allied health assistant works as direct support for allied health professionals within our multidisciplinary team. This role helps us to provide a flexible and responsive service that works to meet each participant’s identified goals and needs. We’re responsible for providing participant support and care, which can include the implementation of individual and group interventions or therapy programs by the treating therapists.


Our NDIS allied health assistant may also be responsible for administrative and clinical support functions, which can assist with client management and contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of therapy.

NDIS Allied Health Professionals

Mobile Assistance Appointments

We understand that leaving the house and travelling to medical appointments can be challenging for people who have a disability or impairment. At Premium Disability Support Services, we can provide an allied health assistant for NDIS participants with a disability.

Our mobile assistance appointments can take place either at home or in another preferred environment. We also offer NDIS-approved allied health assistance services remotely via telehealth.

If you need to see one of our therapists or allied health assistants, call our helpful allied health NDIS support team to discuss your requirements or submit your query directly online.

What Makes Us Different?

Premium Disability Support Services has a reputation for being one of the most reliable NDIS allied health providers. Our team is comprised of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced clinicians and support staff, all of whom boast up-to-date NDIS therapy assistance qualifications.

We’re continually looking to expand our services, with a focus on growing our team of NDIS allied health professionals across Australia. We value teamwork, trust, fostering growth, listening to our participant’s needs and being part of the communities in which we live and work.

Staying true to our standards as NDIS allied health providers and conveying them throughout the company is also of high importance. We put a strong emphasis on learning and growth from both a clinical and non-clinical perspective, continually updating our therapy assistance qualifications for NDIS. You can rely on us to provide ongoing support and mentoring to maximise your funding.

Allied Health Assistant NDIS

Need More Information on NDIS Allied Health Providers?

At Premium Disability Support Services, we’re NDIS-ready for the provision of allied health services. We’re happy to take any calls and enquiries on the services and programs we offer. We understand it can be a daunting process and are here to help. We’re happy to answer questions, help you set goals in preparation for your planning meeting and provide assessments if and when requested. For more information on NDIS allied health providers, feel free to reach out to us today!

What Do Allied Health Practitioners Do?

Allied health practitioners is a broad term for professions that assist participants to manage their health and wellness. In the NDIS, allied health practitioners are university qualified to work with participants to build their capacity for managing everyday life to achieve their goals.

What Are NDIS Allied Health Professionals Responsible For?

NDIS Allied health professionals are responsible for assessing, diagnosing and planning the best way to provide support. Advanced support workers and allied health assistants work under the direction of an allied health professional to support the NDIS participant to implement their support plan. For example, this could mean working with the participant to support them with building recommended therapeutic activities into their daily routines.


NDIS allied health professionals are responsible for providing training and guidance so that plans are implemented effectively. Some organisations employ both allied health professionals as well as allied health assistants, while others may contract these services.

Contact Us Today

Premium Disability Support Services is one of the most trusted NDIS allied health providers. Contact us for more information or to organise a free consultation to find out if you’re eligible for NDIS allied health. If you are, we’ll help you apply for the NDIS for no extra cost.

CLICK HERE for NDIS Access Request form.

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