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Prison to Home

Daily living can put a lot of stress on someone who has just been released. Finding accommodation, talking to Centrelink, or getting in touch with family and friends can be tough. Here at PDSS, we are here to listen to your concerns and help you any way we can to get you the right supports.

Why are supports after prison so important?

People with complex needs, especially psycho-social disabilities, are particularly vulnerable to cycle in and out of custody. Disability services that support people with cognitive disabilities must support them throughout their interactions with the criminal justice system. For people with a cognitive disability leaving prison, their disability is overshadowed by their criminal history. Access to traditional disability services is often not granted as stigma and complexity of need are barriers to getting the support they deserve.

If you’re involved in the justice system, you have the same rights as anyone to become or remain an NDIS participant. The NDIS can fund important supports to help meet your needs while you’re involved in the justice

What Makes PDSS Different?

At PDSS, we will listen with empathy to your case and try to support you the best we can. We will work with you so you can live your life as independently as possible and move towards rehabilitation rather than incarceration. If you do not receive funds from the NDIS currently, we offer free consultations to see if you are eligible for this support and help you to access it.

What will the NDIS do?

The NDIS will create or reassess your plan the same as anyone else using it. However, there are some differences in information they may need so that they can work with the justice system as well. This includes:

  • reports about the functional impact of your disability

  • forensic assessments detailing your rehabilitation needs

  • information about conditions imposed by court orders

The NDIS can fund supports for you that relate to your transition back into the community when you are released from custody. These supports can help with daily living skills and building your independence such as:

  • allied health professionals directly related to your disability, like occupational therapy or behaviour support

  • support related to your disability to help you build your skills and manage your life, such as support workers, assistive technology, and more

  • support coordination or a recovery coach to work with the justice system’s case management services

At PDSS, we have qualified and dedicated support workers that can help you with your day-to-day living and we have experienced support coordinators that can manage your administrative needs.

You can find more information on what the NDIS does in relation to the justice system here

Premium Disability Support Services

Premium Disability Support Services is a most reputable and trustworthy NDIS support provider in Melbourne. Feel free to contact us for more information and enjoy your holiday! Don't hesitate to fill out the contact form.

We provide FREE CONSULTATION to find out if you are eligible for the NDIS. If you are, we will help you apply for the NDIS for no extra cost.

CLICK HERE for NDIS Access Request form.

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