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Hospital to Home Program

At Premium Disability Support Services, we’re committed to helping people with a disability move from hospital to home care settings when they’re clinically ready to leave and return to their local community. We can help you move out of the hospital, listening to and accommodating your housing preferences and needs in the process. We then collaborate with your allied health team to gather evidence for favourable and timely NDIS decisions on funding applications for housing. We also offer suitable housing options to you and your health team as well as your family and friends.

What Does a Rapid Hospital Discharge Program Do?

When you need to be discharged from hospital but don't have anywhere to go, we’re here to help. Our hospital to home program can help people with a disability or impairment who are clinically ready for discharge from hospital to transition into new accommodation funded by the NDIS, while providing them with the supports appropriate for their needs and funding.

Here at Premium Disability Support Services, we can help you search for housing options to support rapid hospital discharge. We have a range of premium accommodation options available that you can look at on our Housing Hub here!

We work with your current health team and support network to understand the types of housing available as well as your eligibility and evidence requirements. We do our best to listen to what you need and try to take this stressful weight off your shoulders. If you’re already on the NDIS, our rapid hospital discharge program can help you move out of hospital into Medium Term Accommodation or Short Term Accommodation while a long-term solution can be arranged.

What is Included in the Rapid Hospital Discharge Program?

As registered NDIS providers, Premium Disability Support Services offers a range of options for you to find your ideal accommodation. We’ve developed our own planning approach that can meet your needs before, during and after discharge to help you enjoy a smooth transition back to home. This includes the supports you need to be living your best independent life. These services can include:

  • Understanding the needs and preferences you have or of the person seeking housing.

  • Collaborating and managing the process of discharge and transport from hospital to home settings and back into the community.

  • Providing information about the types of housing available.

  • Assisting you with navigating the NDIS housing requirements.

  • Innovative searches for Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA) and/or long-term housing, including Supported Independent Living (SIL).

  • Supporting the completion of housing applications.

  • Developing person-centred support plans that meet the needs you have.

  • Making referrals to Not-for-Profits that may financially assist with rent.

  • Giving you guidance to support a smooth transition out of the hospital.

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Why Choose Premium Disability Support Services?

To help you recover soon after a hospital stay, Premium Disability Support Services can provide short-term and ongoing transition care services to support you in your full recovery. We have a robust hospital to home program and an experienced team of support coordinators who understand the hospital processes. Being able to leave the hospital and return home is comforting and an important step in the recovery process. During this time, you may find yourself experiencing difficulty with simple activities of daily living or face unforeseen challenges around the home. This is where we offer a wide range of support services to aid you in your discharge from hospital to care home, including:

  • Working with your healthcare team and coordinating discharge

  • Transport to and from hospital to home

  • Medication supervision from qualified support workers and nurses

  • Assistance with transitioning back into the community

  • Housekeeping and general help around the house

  • Nutrition management and meal preparation

  • Organising Allied health supports

  • Finding temporary accommodations, including STA or MTA

  • Assistance with NDIS funding assessments and requirements

  • Record keeping and tracking your recovery

  • A rapid hospital discharge program that can be tailored to your needs

Have a Chat with Us Today

If you need rapid discharge from hospital, Premium Disability Support Services is a reputable NDIS support provider in Melbourne that can help. Feel free to contact us for more information and find out how we can help you! Don't hesitate to fill out our contact form.​

We provide FREE CONSULTATION to find out if you are eligible for the NDIS. If you are, we will help you apply for the NDIS for no extra cost.

CLICK HERE for NDIS Access Request form.

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