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Ndis Short Term Accommodation Providers  in Victoria

If you have a disability, short-term accommodation (STA) options are available that can give you and your support network a well-earned break. At Premium Disability Support Services, we can help you find and secure short-term disability accommodation for up to 14 days at a time or up to 28 days in one calendar year. Funded by the NDIS, STA covers the costs of your care, including assistance with daily personal activities, accessing the community, and other activities. Whether your usual carers aren’t available or you want to try something new, we can support you with temporary housing that suits your needs.

Escape and rejuvenate with our NDIS Holiday Accommodation

People with disabilities and their loved ones deserve a break every now and then so they can feel refreshed. This respite can take the form of assistance from our highly trained staff to make your time away as relaxed as possible. At Premium Disability Support Services, we’re proud to be registered providers of NDIS short-term accommodation for disability in Melbourne. We have phenomenal properties (apartments, holiday homes and villas) at exceptional locations. If you or your loved ones want to stay with a trusted and experienced accommodation supporter, Premium Disability Support Services can help.

What’s Included in Short-Term Accommodation (STA)?

At Premium Disability Support Services, we’ve developed our own unique approach to short-term disability accommodation that can meet all your needs and help you enjoy a relaxing time away while still living an independent life. Some of the supports available include:

Ndis Short Term Accommodation
  • Personal care, including assistance with showering, personal hygiene, dressing and toileting.

  • Help with everyday medication.

  • Top accommodation and exceptional support in a safe environment.

  • Supplying rich and nutritious meals in accordance with your individual needs.

  • Personal development that makes it easier to attain your goals.

  • Fun recreational activities such as helping you visit local attractions, meet new people and engage with the local community.

How Can STA Help Someone with Disabilities?

For people with disability, short-term accommodation is a NDIS funding option for getting informal recreational support that includes accommodation away from your usual home. By choosing STA options offered by Premium Disability Support Services, participants can receive their personal care supports, food and accommodation all covered for up to 14 days in a row and 28 days in a year. When regular caregivers or family members are unavailable, or if they need a break, short-term accommodation provides an excellent opportunity to receive continuous support on top of respite.


For the Care Receiver (Participant)

  • Short-term disability accommodation can help NDIS participants in several ways. This type of support can boost your confidence and independence by encouraging you to spend holiday time away from your usual home, meet new people and make new friends, learn new skills, engage with your community and have exciting experiences in a new environment.

  • Short-term accommodation plays an important role in the lives of people with disabilities by giving them and their families a much-deserved break from their usual schedules. This is all while ensuring you still have access to the essential supports you usually get from your professional support worker or carers in a safe and comfortable environment.

For Caregivers (Regular Support Workers, Family & Loved Ones)

  • By opting for short-term accommodation for disability in Melbourne, caregivers such as family members and loved ones get an opportunity to take a short period of rest. Taking time off from your regular care job is very important, allowing you to refresh yourself and enjoy some time off without having to sacrifice NDIS support and funding in the meantime.

Why Choose Us Over Others?

In Melbourne, you can find a number of short-term disability accommodation providers. However, not everyone is able to provide accessible accommodation at prime and convenient locations like Premium Disability Support Services. As such, choosing us as your STA provider is worth your time and attention. Other reasons to choose us over other providers include:

  • We’re the most trusted service for high-quality short-term accommodation in Victoria.

  • We want you to relax and get the most out of your stay, so we organise and provide affordable and high-quality accommodation for you.

  • All our professional accommodation support workers are certified and verified.

  • We actively listen to our participants and help them achieve their goals with ease.

  • We provide affordable short-term accommodation without compromising service quality.

As registered STA NDIS providers, Premium Disability Support Services offers a range of options for you and your family to enjoy your respite and make the most of your funding. We offer STA around Victoria and even in other states. Popular choices for our NDIS participants include overnight stays at places like Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs and along the Great Ocean Road.


We’ve even taken eligible participants on interstate adventure trips! Speak with us to find out what we can do for you.

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Premium Disability Support Services is an experienced and trustworthy NDIS support provider in Melbourne and greater Victoria. Feel free to contact us for more details about short-term disability accommodation and help finding a suitable option.

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We provide FREE CONSULTATION to find out if you are eligible for the NDIS. If you are, we will help you apply for the NDIS for no extra cost.

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