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NDIS physiotherapy can treat a wide range of conditions, helping individuals living with disabilities and impairments to live happier and healthier lives. At Premium Disability Support Services, our fully registered NDIS physiotherapist can provide a high level of care and support that adheres to stringent safety and quality guidelines enforced by the Australian government. Whether you need relief from chronic pain or rehabilitation for an injury, we can provide you with NDIS registered physiotherapy that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a therapy and rehabilitation modality that aims to improve a person’s ability to move and function. It can assist people with disability in various ways, including treatment for pain management, home exercise programs for rehabilitation, advice on the management of specific conditions, and providing recommendations for equipment and mobility aids.

You might think of a physiotherapist as someone who treats sportspeople and athletic injuries only, but they can do so much more than that.


Premium Disability Support Services can provide a physio for NDIS participants, helping to assist with diverse needs.

What Can NDIS Physiotherapy be Provided For?

Physiotherapy is one of the many supports that can be utilised by those with NDIS funding. Many NDIS participants can benefit from the services provided by a physiotherapist. Here at Premium Disability Support Services, we can provide you with a NDIS registered physiotherapist in Melbourne.

Our NDIS physiotherapy services can be provided to address a wide variety of concerns, including:

  • Rehabilitation from surgery

  • Muscle strains

  • Chronic pain

  • Injuries

  • Recovery from stroke or heart attack

NDIS physiotherapy rates are set in advance and are the same no matter what NDIS provider you see. When you have an appointment with your physiotherapist, NDIS costs are deducted from the funds allocated for a physiotherapist in your NDIS funding.

Why Choose Our NDIS Physiotherapy Providers?

Premium Disability Support Services is one of many registered providers of NDIS physio services. We stand out from the rest by building and nurturing long-lasting relationships between participants and caregivers. In addition, we provide ongoing staff training and collaborate with healthcare professionals to ensure that we provide the best possible care. We also adhere to strict standards and frameworks when it comes to quality and safety.

Things to Know About NDIS Physiotherapy

Premium physiotherapy services are covered by the NDIS, serving as a capacity-building support in your NDIS plan. To understand more, we recommend taking a look at some examples of NDIS plans.

If your NDIS plan is agency or NDIA managed, you must receive your physiotherapy services through a registered provider. Fortunately, Premium Disability Support Services is ready and willing to assist. You can also join us if you’re self-managed or plan managed.

If you’re trying to determine whether a physiotherapist is NDIS registered, it’s likely that they will state this on their website. Alternatively, you can find out by giving them a call.

Book a Free Consultation Today

If you’re wondering “where can I find trusted NDIS physiotherapy providers near me?”, enquire today with Premium Disability Support Services. We can connect you with skilled physios who provide treatment and advice for a number of disabilities and chronic conditions.


We pride ourselves on having the best team of registered NDIS physiotherapy providers. We focus on individuality, freedom of choice and dignity.‎ To find out if physiotherapy is the right option for you, or for more information on NDIS physiotherapy, contact us and we’ll answer your queries.

We provide FREE CONSULTATION to find out if you are eligible for the NDIS. If you are, we will help you apply for the NDIS for no extra cost.

CLICK HERE for NDIS Access Request form.

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