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PDSS - Best Disability Support & Service Provider On Melbourne

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

PDSS is a registered NDIS provider providing various services i.e. Plan manager of ndis to its participants under its scope. Recently a large number of participants are either getting their funding reduced or not getting granted as per their requirement.

Due to this, participants along with their family members are going through a lot of Mental

Health Issues. Due to having funding reduced or not up-to the mark has put significant pressure on family members who have to juggle around so many things - and making sure the participants requirements are met.

Moreover , they have to go through whole legal process in-order for them to get their desired results which takes significant amount of time, plus expenses plus mental stress and majority of them don't necessarily have the right knowledge or time or resources or channels to go through the entire process. And they have to consult with so many departments to organized all the reports and paperwork's and evidences.

We at PDSS believe NDIS has been established to make the participant's life smooth and their family members life balanced. Unfortunately due to huge amounts being involved , different stakeholders have their own self interest in getting associated with the participant directly or indirectly. PDSS is established by a group whose focus is to bring a change in the industry where the focus is entirely upon making the family's life better , even if it means going that extra mile , and staying an hr. late , just to make sure - the participants requirements are met.

Fortunately - PDSS has tie up with various professionals in various industries through which we can provide the participants and their family a smooth path through which they can navigate their journey through various difficult government channels Position itself as a best disability services in Melbourne. During our initial consultation- we not only look at your physical or mental problem - we focus on various factors that are either contributing or aggravating the condition then provide with a comprehensive plan after consulting with the professionals involved and present it to the participant and their family.

We just don't stop there - we have tied up with a platform for the participant and family

members to get any answer or any other problem just a message/call away.

PDSS along with being a business , its an Organization which exists to make your life better and Provide Premium Disability support services.

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